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Lone Larsen - LET ME GROW WITH PAIN - English text

Stockholm. May to August 2015.

Lone Larsen

Lone Larsen´s sculptures spill out and swell over their borders. The mold is strong. Marble and patinated bronzes occupy the room with a seething, growing and climbing idiom. Sculptor Lone Larsen has both a classical and at the same time an unexpected cheeky appropriation. She is a "baroque classic" with a timeless but a personal interest in the body and the space.

"My work should be seen as a personal and unscientific observation of the body's context, as an imploding shape which is a fragment of the environment ..."

The sculptures allude to bodily units and body parts. Lone Larsen also has a previous background as a nurse and her tactile encounters with and touch of another body give her guidance and information. Bodily shapes interest her, its details, sagging and bulges, the internal and the external forms, their location, movement and distribution in a room. The Latin titles refer to her medical background and two of the sculptures she titles Corpus (bodies). But we can not possibly identify them as recognizable bodies but just imagine a recognition of a bump here or a cavity there, the context is still new and unique, evocative and fascinating.

You could say that Lone Larsen went to the world's best school, she is trained by the world's great giants; Bård Breivik, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Antony Gormley, Walter de Maria and others for several years collegial community at Broby Granit located in Eastern Göinge, Skåne in Sweden, whose owner Bjorn Nordenhake works with the world's leading artists since the early 1980s. Here, in the daily hard work to produce sculptures, the interesting meetings and long interesting conversations about the function and importance of art, she found her deep relationship with a lifelong artistry with the heavy, hard black diabase and stout granite, and the cold, wet clay as her opponents and collaborators.

Lone Larsen (born 1955) is of Danish descent and lives and works since long in Höganäs, Sweden. She has been active as an artist since the 1980s and has many exhibitions, representations and scholarships behind her. We have, for example, had the pleasure to meet her sculptures in Wanås sculpture park, at Dunkers Kulturhus I Helsingborg and in Malmö´s and Lund´s Arthalls, and the very latest in Stockholm in the form of a public commission, the bronze sculpture "Den Andre" (The Other), commissioned by the Stockholm Konst for Sabbatsbergparken.

Lone Larsen is currently the Royal Art Academy`s scholar and recipient of the accommodation grant in Grez-sur-Loing in France.


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