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Lisa Strömbeck - LIGHT TRICKS - English text

Light Tricks
Lisa Strömbeck
April 9 – May 9 2015

The Fagerstedt Gallery presents Lisa Strömbecks first solo exhibition in the gallery. The exhibition Light Tricks marks a new hallmark of her artistic production. We who have followed her over time, from the 90's when she studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Hamburg) and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen), has followed a video- and photo-based artist with a special focus and cape. Her works with a political agenda has focused on power relations and hierarchies, big and small, both in major social processes as in private nooks and crannies. Gender and equality between gender as well as power and hirerakier between people and pets have generated many interesting and thought-provoking artworks and installations. At Moderna Museet in Stockholm, you could visit Lisa Power Beck's “rest-room”, where you could lie down and rest surrounded by sleeping pets. The same museum bought her video works Lady in Red showing a frantically-cleaning woman who shine the apartments windows wearing nightgown while Chris de Burgh romantic love song Lady It Red plays in the background. The piece has been shown numerous times around the world and it evokes feelings of frustration and inequality in a home environment.

There are many things in everyday life that can be annoying and distracting, chafing, cthat reates boredom and does not provide the stimulus that we want in our lives. Lisa Strömbeck work with, explore and transform, these spaces that disturbs and irritates. For example, traffic noise, ugly fluorescent lights in the ceiling, the stain as you stare at when lying in his bed, or the lack of sun and vitamin D during the winter months.

The exhibition Light Tricks has come to the form of a study of the solar rays and reflections during wintertime. Several works are photographed on location in the gallery, the artist spent several days while waiting for the magic moment when, during the course of half a minute, one small glimmer of light peeped over the rooftops and was beamed into the room with the help of mirrors and prisms. Only the artist was there and experienced a fantastic light and color play for a very short while. These small streaks of hope is now in her photographs. Lisa Strömbecks ability to transform a gray and dismal living at an incredibly sensual and interesting spectacle is here for those who want to see the wonders and mysteries, this is Lisa Strömbecks artistic work method.

Lisa Strömbeck is now also at issue in one of the National Arts Council projects. A group of artists collaborating with SciLife researchers about Hagastaden, researchers at KTH, KI and SU, and Lisa Strömbeck is particularly interested in nanotechnology for casting into light particles in different materials, as well as research on Bioluminescence, ie if bioluminescent animals. Perhaps we will come to see the pioneering work of art that changes the light and dark, night and day, winter and summer, in our neighborhoods and public spaces.

Lisa Strömbeck is born in 1966 in Andrarum. She lives and works in both Denmark and Sweden, since 2010, she is also a teacher of photography at Kunsthøjskolen Holbæk, Denmark.


Elisabeth Fagerstedt

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